If I have a child that is already attending The NCLA does their sibling/s automatically get in the following year?
No. You must complete an application if you plan for the sibling/s to have their name entered into the lottery for possible enrollment.

If I have a child that is currently attending The NCLA do I need to complete an application?
No. Once your child is in the school they are in and will not need to reapply for the lottery. You will need to complete a Letter of Intent.

What is sibling preference?
Each currently enrolled sibling is placed in a separate drawing during the lottery process. All staff and BOT members' children will be drawn first for each grade level. Once their numbers are drawn, we will begin drawing the numbers of the siblings. Once all numbers of staff, BOT members and siblings have been pulled, we will then go to the general lottery. This is why it is so imperative that you mark in section 3 that your child has a currently enrolled sibling and provide their name because if not they will be drawn in the general lottery and lose sibling preference.

What is the purpose of the Letter of Intent?
This helps us solidify open spots for the following year. ALL families should complete the letter of intent prior to the due date to ensure we have correct data at lottery time. Having an accurate account of returning students helps us know how many spots can be offered at the time of lottery.  

How long do I have to confirm my acceptance?
You will have 7 calendar days. Please note that the 7 day acceptance period begins on the day in which you are contacted by our Admissions Director via email. The 7 day period ONLY begins after you have received your acceptance letter. It will end at 3:00 p.m. on the seventh day following notification. 

What are the school hours?

Students need to be in their classrooms no later than 7:50 a.m. and are dismissed at 3:00 p.m.

When and where is the Lottery?
The Lottery will be held at The North Carolina Leadership Academy 4353 High Point Rd Kernersville, NC 27284. The date will be announced prior to the end of open enrollment.

Do I need to attend the Lottery?
No, the Accepted List and the Wait List will appear on our website.

If I choose to attend the Lottery, is there anything I need to bring?
Yes, please bring your confirmation number, which is found in your email confirmation message (example: Confirmation #7062194). This number will be used for identifying your student during the lottery and if necessary, for the wait list.

If I choose not to attend the Lottery, how will I be notified if my child was accepted?
You are welcome to review the Accepted List and/or the Wait List on The North Carolina Leadership Academy’s website. Please allow us an adequate amount to upload our accepted and wait list.

Will I be notified if my child was not accepted?
No, we only notify you when your child has been accepted.

When and how will I find out if my child has been accepted?
The Admissions Director will immediately contact you via email.

What do I do now?  
Please, check your email. Retain your confirmation number, which is found in your email confirmation message (example: Confirmation #7062194). This number will be used for identifying your student during the lottery and if necessary, for the wait lists.

I have not heard whether my child was accepted or not, how do I confirm?
You will find the following two lists on The NCLA Website:

I do not see my child’s confirmation number on the Accepted List or the Wait List.
If you cannot locate your child's number on the list please contact, Kimberly Stanley to confirm the correct confirmation number.

Will I be able to tour the school?

You must attend one of the informational meetings if you wish to tour the facilities prior to accepting enrollment. The NCLA prides itself on the safety of our students and will not allow tour groups during school hours. Trying to organize personal tours through our enrollment period can be very time consuming and therefore we can not promise a tour will be provided in a timely manner before you must accept your spot. Please make it a priority to attend one of the informational meetings. We want you to make an informed decision about your child's education.

When does open enrollment end?
February 19, 2019 at midnight. If you apply after February 19th, you will not be entered into the lottery. 

Once accepted....

Is there a Dress Code?  
Yes.  (Dresscode Link) Please note that the dress code will be changing next year for rising 6th graders. Once the dress code has been approved, it will be updated in our handbook.

Is a PE Uniform required?
Yes. www.nclaspirit.com

Does The NCLA offer before and after school care?
The NCLA Falconry offer before and after school care, on site at The NCLA. All proceeds benefit the school.
There are several after school programs that pick up from The NCLA after school.  Currently we have the following:
Sprouts  Main: (336) 410-4555  Kelly (owner) - cell: (336) 402-2514
Pure Taekwondo  Main: (336) 355-7873  Master Posey - cell: (336) 310-4013 Flip Force
Gymnastics- Main contact 336-996-5158 or website Flip Force Gymnastics.
Please note that we have others that will pick up from our location, you will need to contact them directly to arrange pick up.

Where do we go for information?
Once you have enrolled you must join our Remind App, this is how we send out all communication from the school. You can also find information on The NCLA website. We also have a School Official Facebook page and twitter account.
When will I find out my child’s teacher?  
Class lists will be available at Open House for K-5.  
Schedules will be available at Open house for grades 6th-12th.

How do you order PE uniforms?
Navy mesh shorts and gray shirt with logo can be ordered from the Spirit Store.
Kindergartners may not be able to get the logoed shorts small enough to fit them. Therefore,
they can wear navy mesh shorts from any vendor without a logo.

When do students change for PE?
K - 6 students will wear their PE uniform to school on the day of the week they have PE.
Students in upper grades (7 -12) will change clothes before and after PE Class in the locker
room.  They will have PE every other day. ***This will probably change for school year 2019-2020***

What grades may participate in sports?
Students in Grade 6-12 participate in school sports.

Where do we go for sports information?  Where are the sports schedules?
For Athletic Information and Schedules--Visit the NCLA Falcons Athletic Page

Does The NCLA serve hot lunches?  
No.  Students will pack a lunch from home each day.  Local businesses have provided hot lunch options.  Those business receive orders and payment, they deliver the lunches, and distribute at lunch time. Currently we offer this service on Monday-Thursday and all orders are placed online.

Do students bring a snack from home for Elementary grades K-4?  
Yes, students will be allowed to eat a morning or an afternoon snack pending teacher schedules and their lunch times.  We ask that due to food allergies and other limitations that healthy snacks be sent in from home with each child individually.    

What grades participate in Recess?
Students in Grades K-5 will have recess daily.

What specials are offered to K-6 grade students?
Technology Band (5th/6th)
PE Spanish
Art Critical Thinking

Does The NCLA offer AIG specific programs? 

Are all students required to participate in CAP?
All students in 7th grade are required to participate in the Civil Air Patrol (CAP.)  Once the student has completed CAP in the 7th grade, they can either choose do stay in CAP or choose our leadership track.
Mandatory Meetings: All NCLA CAP cadets required to attend. Consists of leadership development, drill, safety, and CAP training.
  1. Specialty Flights: Open to all cadets. This is where cadets become specialized in areas of their choosing. Examples include: Honor guard, aerospace, ranger, etc.
  2. Cadet Staff Meeting: Regular sessions wherein the Staff (leadership) meet to discuss and develop the NCLA's CAP program.
  3. Training Weekend(s): Specialty training open to all Cadets. Includes activities like ranger training and introductory flights.

Is there a grooming requirement for CAP?
Haircuts must be clean, well groomed and neat. If dyed, will look natural. Will not contain excessive amounts of grooming aids. Hair will not touch eyebrows when groomed or protrude below the front band of properly worn headgear. EXCEPTION: Hair may be visible in front of women’s flight cap.

What are the CAP requirements?
Detailed information will be given once enrollment has been accepted.  For brief information please go to the NCLA’s website:  C.A.P.

What do you offer for children with food allergies?
We offer a food allergy table in our cafeteria. If your student has a severe allergy and needs to sit at this table they may invite a friend to sit with them. The teacher will ask the parents not to pack anything in their lunch that may harm your child.

What do I need to do to volunteer at the school?
Every parent that wishes to volunteer at the school and/or attend a field trip must complete a background check. All background checks must be updated every 12 months. If you plan to drive on a field trip you will also be required to produce a copy of your license, vehicle registration and current insurance.

Where do I send my doctor/absences notes?
Please send all notes to frontoffice@thencla.org. If your child is a driver and checking out early, you must email permission for them to check themselves out to frontoffice@thencla.org.

What time are students considered tardy?
 They will be counted tardy after 7:50 am and will only be excused with a doctor's note. You may drop your child off as early as 7:20 am.

What is the latest I can pick up my child early?
You must arrive before 2:40 pm to pick up your child early, anyone after this time will be asked to go through the regular car line.